Wudang Kung Fu Bucuresti – WDP Romania
Wudang Kung Fu Bucuresti – WDP Romania

Wudang Kung Fu Private Lessons in Bucharest

Wudang Kung Fu – WDP Romania offers Kung Fu private lessons for those who prefer to learn Kung Fu with one-on-one instruction. Private lessons provide a personalized martial arts training experience as well as a more flexible schedule to meet your needs. Private lessons will enable the instructor to assess your ability and create a personal development plan in order to improve your skill faster. You will also receive immediate personalized feedback in detail, including your strengths and weaknesses. The instructor will pace the class according to your personal needs and abilities. This way you will neither feel overwhelmed or under-challenged.


  1. Private lessons vs public classes
  2. Kung Fu private lessons for kids vs adults
    1. What is the sillabus of the classes
  3. How much do the private kungfu classes cost
  4. What’s the purpose and what benefits can you expect from kung fu / wushu
    1. Self defense
    2. Health improvement
    3. Is it dangerous?
    4. How can you compare wushu to other sports
  5. Where is it available
  6. English language
  7. Teachers credentials

Private lessons vs public classes

Both types of learning provide different benefits for students.

Private lessons advantages Public classes advantages
The learning pace is customized You can learn from others
Progress is faster It’s social time between friends
The schedule is flexible It’s less expensive
The students gets the full attention of the teacher for the hole time of the lesson
Private lessons disadvantages Public classes disadvantages
More expensive then the public classes Different skill levels sometimes makes it more difficult to progress

Kung fu private lessons for kids vs adults

The learning curve and also the skills that need to be taught are different for kids, youngsters and adults. The adults can benefit from the kids class curricula. The skill set developed by the exercises for the kids are useful for adults. Usually the other way around is not true. Traditional martial arts require awareness, coordination and attention when practicing which can not be expected from small kids.

Kids, ages 4 to 9 Kids, ages 8 to 15 Teenagers, age 14+ and adults
Coordination and balance improving
Flexibility training (only moderate)
Speed improvements exercises
Basic footwork
Kicks and jump kicks
Wudang Xuan Wu Pai basics for stance training and techniques for punching and blocking
Pad-work / focus mits for improving speed and precision striking
Basic fight applications
Advanced applications and take-downs (only on mats) (only on mats)
Light sparring (only with protective gear)
Traditional forms and their applications and routines
Qigong practices for improving health
Hard conditioning exercises to improve endurance and toughness

What is the syllabus of the classes

Kids age 4-9 Kids age 8-15 Teenagers 14+ & adults
Warm-up Warm-up Warm-up
Light stretching Stretching Stretching
Calisthenics Calisthenics Calisthenics
Footwork, Punching, Parrying and Evading Footwork, Punching, Parrying and Evading Footwork, Punching, Parrying and Evading
Kicks and jump kicks Kicks and jump kicks Kicks and jump kicks
Pad-work / focus mits Wudang Xuan Wu Pai basics Wudang Xuan Wu Pai basics
Basic fight applications Pad-work / focus mits Pad-work / focus mits
Light sparring Basic fight applications Basic fight applications
Advanced applications Advanced applications and take-downs
Light sparring Light sparring
Traditional forms Traditional forms
Hard conditioning exercises

How much do the private kung fu classes cost

The standard fee is 150lei / hour. For small groups (semi-private lessons) the cost per person is cheaper:

No of people

(young kids, teenagers or adults)

Cost per group for 1 hour Cost per person for 1 hour
1 150 150
2 200 100
3 240 80
4 280 70

More than 4 people? – Call +40 745 843290 or e-mail contactwdkf@gmail.com

learning how to punch

We encourage (especially for kids) semi-private lessons or small groups or 2-4 to train together. Small groups are get whats best from both the private and public classes.

What’s the purpose and what benefits can you expect from kung fu / wushu

There are 3 main benefits of practicing Wushu /  Kung Fu and martial arts in general.

First of course is the self defense aspect

china2016-fast-takedown china2016-more-takedownsTraditional Wushu /  Kung Fu has two main components: 1 – war, which is covered by fighting with weapons and 2 – the self defense which includes all aspects and possible situations of hand to hand combat. From simple punching and parrying to leg kicks, joint locks and take-downs.

It is not a sport and it has no rules. Just a way of defeating your opponent using whatever means are available. Does it work? It worked for Chinese people that were in constant war for the last few thousands years. It is the pride of the Chinese culture and their form of art at the same time.

The health improvement

du li bu kung fu stance on the pillarsThe Chinese martial arts had evolved together with the Traditional Chinese Medicine. They are linked. Martial practice and health practice is the same. Unlike martial arts styled that wear down and slowly degrade health by practicing Wudang Kungfu you will become healthier not only stronger.

There are specific Qigong exercises that improve internal organ functioning and will make you feel better. Also the calisthenics will increase joint mobility and stamina.

Is it dangerous?

Training is strictly controlled by the teacher and for the private lessons he will be 100% of the time with you. We never had injuries or accidents happen in our classes.

How can you compare to other sport disciplines

Wushu, but also many other martial arts, will help you obtain a better physical shape and will have a direct impact on the health. Stretching makes the body nimble, coordination increases because of special exercises and the weight of the practitioner will always be going to the ideal range. Many other sports disciplines will have some of these advantages but if you want all of them in the same time wushu is the answer.

Where is it available

The private classes are available at your home if you live in Bucharest or in the neighboring areas (like Voluntari, Bragadiru, Chiajna or others). It is also possible to schedule private lessons at our sports hall.

English language

Lessons are available in English, French and Romanian languages.

Teachers credentials

25+ years of martial arts practice in China, Germany and Romania

Certified instructor by WDP China

Certified instructor by the Romanian Martial Arts Federation

European vice-champion 2015 @Stara Zagora and Romanian Champion 2016 @ Bucharest for internal bare hands styles