Wudang Kung Fu Bucuresti – WDP Romania
Wudang Kung Fu Bucuresti – WDP Romania

Sword training at Wudang Deutschland

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In April this year Wudang Kung Fu Bucuresti – WDP Romania has visited Wudang Deutschland for studying the Wudang sword system. Wudang Deutschland is Master Ismet Himmet’s first school which is now led by Raphael Hug who is well known for his kung fu skills, both with weapons and empty hands.

Sword training camp, Wudang style

The Wudang Deutschland Academy holds a high reputation not only as the most important of the European schools of the WDP network – which is represented in Romania by our school – but also for the advanced weapons training and particularly the Wudang sword. Sword training is taught by Raphael Hug who is  a keen practitioner of this weapon, with deep knowledge in this domain and extensive previous training in fencing and kendo.

The most interesting and useful days were those of the „Wudang Deutschland Advanced Sword Workshop„.


In the two full days of the sword training workshop we practiced:

  • Advanced basics based on the 13 Principles which define de base movements of the Wudang sword system
  • Footwork, attacks and counters with protective gear
  • Dan Jian – The Elixir Sword one of the most beautiful and complex sword forms. Although not very long, this form exposes the essence of the Wudang sword fighting system going through all the basic movements and some of the advanced ones too.

The were more than 20 people there, students and WDP instructors, friends of our school which came from all over Germany and other countries to be present at this special event.

The rest of the time we spent at WDP Berlin helped us to improve what we have learned during the sword workshop. The schedule was just what we are used to and all the people who lived for some time in one of the WDP academies with full time training know what i’m talking about. 7 to 8 hours every day gongfu and qigong then resting and enjoing the time spend with the people bound by the Family.  Much more than other schools that i had the honor to visit in my past.

Thank you Wudang Deuthschland and all the bothers in there! We’ll see you again soon.

For some images from the workshop and training click on the Wudang Sword training Gallery

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