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Sword training at Wudang Deutschland

In April this year Wudang Kung Fu Bucuresti – WDP Romania has visited Wudang Deutschland for studying the Wudang sword system. Wudang Deutschland is Master Ismet Himmet’s first school which is now led by Raphael Hug who is well known for his kung fu skills, both with weapons and empty hands. Sword […]

Cantonament Sabie Kung Fu la Wudang Deutschland, aprilie 2015

In luna aprilie a acestui an Wudang Kung Fu Bucuresti – WDP Romania a organizat o tabara de pregatire pentru studiul sistemului de lupta cu sabia din Wudang la Academia de arte martiale Wudang Deutschland, prima scoala a Maestrului Ismet Himmet, aflata acum sub conducerea profesorului Raphael Hug, specialist recunoscut, atat in stilurile […]